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Commission Meetings

LAFCo meetings are currently being held pursuant to Government Code section 54953(e)(1) (as amended by Assembly Bill 361), available at the following link

Government Code section 54953(e)(1) authorizes local legislative bodies to hold public meetings via teleconference and to make public meetings accessible telephonically or otherwise electronically to all members of the public. Members of the public are encouraged to observe and participate in these teleconference meetings.

NOTE: Effective June 30, 2022, all meetings of the Yolo Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) will be held in person in the Board of Supervisors chambers, located at 625 Court Street, Woodland, Room 206. While the Board chambers are open for public attendance, you are strongly encouraged to observe and listen to the meeting via ZOOM. Instructions for participating in the meeting by providing comments and testimony through ZOOM are set forth in the “Public Participation Instructions” on the final page of our agendas.

If you attend the Commission meeting in person, please maintain appropriate social distancing to the extent feasible (i.e., maintain a six-foot distance between yourself and other individuals). Face coverings are encouraged but not required for attendees.

Unless otherwise specified, the Commission meets at 9:00AM on the fourth Thursday of each month, except in December where it is held on the first Thursday. Generally, there are no meetings in August and November.

Citizens are welcome and encouraged to attend regular LAFCo meetings and state their views during public hearings on proposals before the Commission. In addition, the meetings provide an excellent opportunity for citizens to familiarize themselves with the growth, development, and inter-jurisdictional issues facing their county. Copies of the meeting agendas, minutes, and staff reports can be obtained by contacting us at the email address or phone number below. 

2022 LAFCo Meeting Calendar

Meeting Location:

Erwin Meier County Administration Building
Board of Supervisors Chamber
625 Court Street, Suite 206
Woodland CA 95695

LAFCo Physical Address:

Erwin Meier County Administration Building
625 Court Street, Suite 107
Woodland CA 95695

(530) 666-8048


If you are using Internet Explorer (IE) as your website browser the bookmarks and audio PDFs will easily work when you click on the linked word Agenda from any meeting date. To listen to the audio when your website browser is Chrome, Firefox or Edge, you must right-click on the linked word Agenda then choose "Save link as". A box will open up and direct you to save the document on your computer. Once you have chosen the file where you want to save the document click on the word Save (after listening to the meeting.if you don't want to keep this Agenda on your computer, you may want to save it to your Desktop for ease of deleting when you are finished with the document). The document will automatically open up or you may have to open it yourself. Once the document is open you may click on a bookmark or a green arrow to listen to the audio.

No matter what browser you are in, when you open up an agenda for the first time and click on an arrow or a bookmark for any of the LAFCo Agendas, you may get a pop-up that says, "Some features have been disabled to avoid potential security risks. Only enable these features if you trust this document". This is normal. Just click on the Options button on the right and select "Trust this document one time only". Once you do that the pop-up goes away and you can begin listening to the audio by clicking on the green arrow or bookmark next to the item you which to hear. 

The recording software used by LAFCo is not compatible with Apple products.


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