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YEDWinter2022 Leaders Summit "Yolo Broadband 2.0" - February 18, 2022

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Yolo Broadband 2.0 - Meeting Links 

Final Agenda YEDWinter2022 - Yolo Broadband 2.0

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To re-invigorate broadband planning efforts and coordination among our local cities, county and school districts. One of the few silver linings of COVID is increased digital divide awareness and significant financial investments coming from federal and state sources. In addition, California has recently changed its baseline definition of being “served” from 6Mbps download/1Mbps upload speeds to 25/3 Mbps and is working on a statewide “middle mile” fiber network (thanks to our own Cecilia Aguiar-Curry). What this means is: (1) More areas are considered underserved than before and will now be eligible for funding; and (2) These underserved areas may be easier/cheaper to extend service to with State provided middle mile fiber coming.

It’s time for Yolo local agencies to come together again on broadband, strategize on filling gaps, and doing the advance work necessary to position us for funding rolling out later this year. Together, we can resolve our digital divide issues and create increased equity countywide.

Local Government Checklist for Digital Equity
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