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YEDSpring2021 "Yolo United Against Hate" - March 24, 2021

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Yolo United Against Hate - Meeting Recap & Links

FINAL Agenda YEDSpring2021 - Yolo United Against Hate.pdf


Link to Watch Video Here:

This initiative comes at a time when the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community, among other marginalized communities, has experienced an increased trend of discrimination, xenophobia and racism since the spread of the coronavirus. Just as many Muslim Americans were subjected to Islamophobic acts of verbal and physical violence following 9/11 and in light of social justice protests including Black Lives Matter.

Violence toward the AAPI community occurs in cycles punctuated by dormancy. Since the onset of this pandemic, there’s been a documented increase in the number of incidents involving racist slurs spawning anti-immigrant nativist bullying and, unfortunately, even unprovoked violent attacks. Racism, whether it is targeted at AAPIs or any other minority, doesn’t start or stop at an election or a pandemic. During times of social, political, economic instability, our society has a history of marginalizing and blaming other groups for problems instead of coming together and looking for solutions together.

As local leaders we can stand against hate in solidarity with all our diverse communities that comprise Yolo. Any act of hate against a marginalized community is a trauma that harms us all.

Meeting Notes - Yolo United Against Hate.pdfPotential Actionable Ideas & AAPI Article References - Yolo United Against Hate.pdf
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