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Commission Meeting

This hearing is continued from June 30, 2022.

Continued Public Hearing Notice:
Draft Municipal Service Review and Sphhere of Influence Study (MSR/SOI) of the 15 Fire Protection Districts and One County Service Area in Yolo County (LAFCo No. 21-05)

Continued NOTICE-CombinedFPDsDraftMSR-SOI (LAF 21-05)NOTICE-CombinedFPDsDraftMSR-SOI (LAF 21-05)


July 28, 2022 LAFCo Meeting

STAFF REPORT for Fire Agencies MSR/SOI-July 28, 2022ATT A-Background Section of Staff Report-Fire MSR/SOI-July 28, 2022ATT B-Reso 2022-07 Adopting Fire Protection Agencies MSR-SOI July 28, 2022ATT C-All June 30, 2022 Meeting MaterialsItem 6-Supplemental Packet Correspondence 07.22.22Item 6-Supplemental Packet Correspondence 07.27.22


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