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Joint Powers Agencies / Authorities Service Reviews

Government Code Section §56301 establishes that “one of the objects of the commission is to make studies and to obtain and furnish information which will contribute to the logical and reasonable development of local agencies in each county and to shape the development of local agencies so as to advantageously provide for the present and future needs of each county and its communities.”

While municipal service reviews (MSRs) are not legally required of Joint Powers Agencies/Authorities (JPAs), LAFCo has been requested by the cities and County (i.e. JPA member agencies) to provide MSR-like service reviews of selected types of JPAs in the county. LAFCo has the authority to furnish informational studies and analyzing independent data to make informed recommendations regarding the efficient, cost-effective, and reliable delivery of services to residents, landowners, and businesses via these JPAs.

Yolo Local Government Accountability and Transparency Statement - Adopted Nov2017


The Cities/County request that LAFCo conduct Municipal Service Reviews every five years of selected types of JPAs whose service area is mostly within the county and includes: (1) JPAs that provide municipal services; (2) JPAs that employ staff; and/or (3) JPAs with boards comprised of agency staff. New JPAs may be created in the future and added to this list, but currently those JPAs include:

Valley Clean Energy Alliance

604 2nd Street
Davis CA 95616
(530) 446-2750

VCE JPA Service Review - Adopted 04.22.21

West Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency

Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency

Regional Water Treatment Facility
855 County Road 102
Woodland CA 95776
(530) 661-5963

Yolo County Public Agency Risk Management Insurance Authority

77 West Lincoln Avenue
Woodland CA 95695
(530) 666-4466

YCPARMIA JPA Service Review - Adopted 12.18.19

Yolo Emergency Communications Agency

35 N. Cottonwood Street
Woodland CA 95695
(530) 666-8900

YECA JPA Service Review - Adopted 03.28.19

Yolo Habitat Conservancy

611 North Street
Woodland CA 95695
(530) 723-5504

Yolo Subbasin Groundwater Agency

34274 State Highway 16
Woodland CA 95695

YSGA JPA Service Review - Adopted 10.29.20