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Active Proposals

The Yolo LAFCo currently has active proposals. The proposal applications are attached. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these proposal applications please contact the office at (530) 666-8048 or send an email to (redacted)


Estimated Timeline to Process Reorganization Proposal #s 925, 926, and 930 for West Sacramento Basin Reclamation Districts
LAFCo Public hearing july 25, 2019
staff report For application Proposals 925, 926, & 930
ITEM 6-STAFF REPORT ATT A-Resolution 2019-10 for WS Basin RD ReorgsATT B-Correspondence in Reverse Chronological OrderATT C-Sufficiency of RD RevenuesATT D-Yolo County Property Tax Letters 03.14.19ATT E-Agency Legal OpinionsATT F-RD Insurance General Liability CoverageATT G-Exceprts from City Flood In Lieu Fee Nexus Study and Fund ExpendituresSupplemental Packet-Sent 07.23.19

LAFCo#930 - Detach City Portion of Reclamation District 537 and Annex to Reclamation District 900

Notice of Hearing-07.25.19Proposal Application #930-Rcvd 12.10.18.pdf

LAFCo #926 - Change of Organization to Establish Reclamation District 900 as a Subsidiary District to West Sacramento

Notice of Protest-11.13.19Notice of Hearing-07.25.19WSac Proposal Application RD 900-Rcvd 08.24.18.pdf

LAFCo #925 - Reorganization to Establish Reclamation District 537 (City Portion) as a Subsidiary District to West Sacramento

Notice of Hearing-07.25.19WSac Proposal Application RD537-Rcvd 08.24.18.pdf