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Active Proposals

LAFCo #22-01:
El Macero County Service Area (CSA) Sphere of Influence (SOI) Amendment and Annexation of 27384 Eagle View Court

This application would amend the ElMacero CSA SOI and annex one parcel totaling 5.007 acres into the District with consent of 100% of landowners. This parcel will have access to El Macero CSA services.

Item 6 Staff Report-Receive El Macero CSA SOI Amendment & Annexation 03.31.22LAF #22-01 Annexation Application 02.04.22

LAFCo #22-02:
City of Davis Sphere of Influence (SOI) Amendment for the Davis Innovation & Sustainability Campus (DISC 2022)

This application would amend the City of Davis SOI to include the 118.5-acre area. Annexation would be a subsequent application subject to approval by the Davis voters at the June 7, 2022 primary election.

Staff Report-Item 8 05.26.22 (LAF#22-02)8 ATT A-Reso 2022-03 CEQA City of Davis SOI Amendment DiSC 2022 (LAF22-02).pdf8 ATT B-Reso 2022-04 Davis SOI Amendment DiSC 2022 (LAF22-02).pdf8 ATT C-Correspondence (LAF22-02).pdf8 ATT D-City of Davis Innovation Center Study July 2012 (LAF22-02).pdf


NOTICE-City of Davis SOI Amendment (LAF#22-02) 05.26.22.pdfLAF #22-02 Davis SOI Amendment Application 03.28.22Exhibit 1Exhibit 2Exhibit 3Map


LAFCo #22-03:
City of Woodland Out of Agency Services to Provide Water/Sewer to Yolo Cold Storage Facility

This application would extend City of Woodland services outside the City's jurisdictional boundaries to a 14.89-acre property APN 027-270-046 to provide water/sewer to the Yolo Cold Storage Facility Project.

Staff Report-Item 10 05.26.22 (LAF#22-03)10 ATT A-Reso 2022-05 Woodland OOA Yolo Cold Storage Facility (LAF22-03).pdf10 ATT B-City of Woodland Will Serve Letter Yolo Cold Storage (LAF22-03).pdf10 ATT C-Yolo County ZF2021-0019 Approval Letter (LAF22-03).pdf


LAF #22-03 Woodland OOA Application 05.09.22.pdf
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