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Animal Services

LAFCo, as part of its shared services intiative, has been asked by Yolo County and its four cities to act as the coordinating agency in a potential shared service project relating to animal services in the County.

In April 2012, LAFCo hired consultants to complete a study of Yolo County Animal Services (YCAS) on behalf of the County and the four cities that all contract with the County for animal services.  This study was a cursory level review of the services provided aimed at determining if alternative governance models could be more cost effective. Click on the link below to download the study:

Yolo County Animal Services Study, August 2012

This study and its findings were presented to the County and each contracting agency in September and October of 2012. The Board of Supervisors and the city councils expressed concerns but generally indicated a willingness to continue to study alternative organizational models that could provide quality animal services at a reduced cost. More specific analysis was required to determine the appropriate and sustainable level of staffing and programs for animal services in Yolo County so that cost scenarios could be developed.

Therefore, in February 2013, LAFCo contracted with the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program to provide these additional consultation services. On September 26, 2013, the Commission adopted the Yolo County Animal Services Governance Study and directed staff to forward it to the county/city managers for consideration and action. Click on the link below to download the study:

Yolo County Animal Services Governance Study, September 2013
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